Studio Biography and Vision

Studio Erikson is a one-man-games-and-art-studio located in Maastricht the Netherlands. That ‘one man’ is me, Erik Habets. I am a super talented, and modest contemporary artist. After graduating as primary school teacher I continued my education at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht.

I’ve been making sculptures, paintings, drawings, animations and installations for the past decade. I’ve won prizes and received grants and commisions in the art scene. My work has traveled the seven seas. See all about that here.  Since a few years I dedicated myself to the creation of games. I love games and I for me this is the ultimate way to express myself. I see games as a form of art. I have the ambition to reach millions of people worldwide with my unique visual art style, humor and limitless fantasy.

My children are a great inspiration. Observing the way they play shows me how good and fun games are designed. They can use anything to play. I translate this into my games so players expierence the same freedom to play.  I am using a kind of experimantal workflow, the same as I would build a sculpture. There is no written path or design document. There is an idea in my head an it evolves while building. It aint done until it’s fun!  My games emit  power and submerge players into a unseen  expressive “ugly” painted and handdrawn world. I welcome you to come and play in my head.

Your opinion is of great value to me. So I will listen to your feedback and suggestions and use them in my development  proces. I hereby invite you to comment frankly on my posts.

I am a person of great self discipline and I obliged myself to work my ass off to make a big impression in Gamesland. ‘Indie hard mode’ is the best way to describe the state of my current development  proces. Two young children and some freelance art-related jobs on the side makes development time precious. I am hoping for your kind support.