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Hilarious Sandbox 'racing' ?!

Fromto is a horrible, childish 2D sandbox ‘racing’ game with in game track building. All players race an unfinished track in turn. When everyone fails all players must ‘work together’ to modify the track before they try again. Think strategic, build sneaky routes and trick your opponents with nifty traps and obstacles. Experiment endlessly with tons of track parts and win in unthinkable ways. Play with up to four friends (online or offline) in this action packed living playground. After you ruined all your friendships you can dive into the single player speed run challenges

A remarkable childish game

Art by the kids of the developer.
The art in Fromto is partially made by my children. (Niki and Joep: 5-and 2-year-old). The visual content created by myself is made with the same swift and directness. The art is raw, unpolished and authentic. The game wants to introduce a new fresh super expressive ugly and chaotic art style to games. The art style of Fromto is used to emphasize the ‘childish’ gameplay. The art fits the gameplay like a glove.

In game cooperative track building.
Building the track together with your opponents results in a weird tension between making the track doable and impossible. Because you want to be able to make it through however your opponents should fail.

 Out of control physics racing.
Fromto features super fun control over 2d doodle cars in a physics world. You can jump, grind, flip and fly your way through levels. You even have some control over the cars while airborne. Therefor Racing in Fromto is unlike any other racing. It is unpredictable, childish and hilarious. The challenge is to gain control.

'This one should be in everyone's library'

Gaius Chirius Fortunatianus

ancient legend


The game, Fromto is inspired by a drawing which I made as a child. In the drawing you follow a small race car through a crazy race track overcoming all sorts of dangerous obstacles. Like a platformer game drawn on one sheet of paper.
Observing the way, my own children play shows me how good and fun games are designed. They can use anything to play. I translate this into my game so players experience the same freedom to play.
In relation to inspiring games Fromto could be described as ‘Ultimate Chicken Horse on wheels meets Worms’ or ‘Super Mario Maker meets Trackmania’.

Where and when?

Fromto will come to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019. When we have an exact date we will let you know.


Fromto Features

Up to 4 players Online/ local multiplayer 
Single player roguelike speedrun challenges 
Hot seat mode
Super high replayability
Online leader board for single player challenges.
Record/ replay your gameplay.
Fun to watch!
lots of different cars
Very tuneable gameplay settings. (crate/ shop/time/ score/ damage settings)
Full controller support
Many many track parts
Destructible terrain
Level editor
Unseen art style partially made by young children.
Unlock cars, obstacles and levels as you progress.


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